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In Ortega, Azagra, and Associates, we bring the businesses a full and built-in service, thanks to our broad experience in the anlaysis, risks insurance, and claims solution. We take advantage of our close links with the insurance companies and our in-depth knowledge of the sector so as to obtain the best conditions for our clients.

An insurance audit’s goal is to be knowledgeable of both your business needs and your current situation. In one word, it controls for what you are paying. If our work pleases you, we will become your insurance consultant, and what it is probably more relevant, your claims consultant.

For the correct claims solution, it is necessary a suitable valuation of the insured sum. This is about both preventing events of under insuring and that your business pays the premium for the real value of property that it insures.

Our wide experience range in industrial risks within the world of insurance broker allows us to offer a comprehensive service so as to arrange the coverages bestowed by the different sectors to the real needs, both of the small and medium-sized enterprises and of the individuals (i.e., the natural persons).

When a claim occurs, the adecuacy of the insurance program that has been hired by a business is defined.

In oa, we bring livestocks, horse riding centers, professionals, and individuals a wide range of insurances so as to cover all the needs around the equestrian world.


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